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Our outdoor fitness bootcamp brings the fun into fitness. Games and teamwork means often your having so much fun you don't realise your exercising.

Boot Camp is perfect if you want to escape the gym and enjoy the outdoors. These classes are a great way to get outside in the fresh air and exercise, get fit and join a motivated group of people who help and encourage each other to achieve their personal fitness goals.

Each week there is a different set of exercises which will help you gain strength, stamina and improve your cardio, not to mention improve your self confidence. There is no need to be scared of the name ‘bootcamp’, it's essentially outdoor exercise for ANY ability.  All exercises can be tailored to you and everyone will help you improve and achieve your goals.


Class details

Tuesday evening 645pm Tidworth Esso field.






Thursday evening 645pm

Bulford Village recreation ground

Your first class is Always Half Price so please use Booking code NM50 to get discount. 

To Book this class click here 

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