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Outdoor Bootcamp

Our outdoor Fitness classes were voted best in Wiltshire 2019 in the muddy stilettos awards. These classes are outdoors all year round.  

Combining cardio with strength and a range of Functional Equipment these classes are challenging yet Fun.  Team work, Games and hard work all rolled into one great class that is never the same.


Bootcamp classes are fun, friendly and


Perfect for our busy lives, or for those at home with no childcare.

Our Online studio brings the studio into your home.

Branded workouts delivered throughout the day, with around 50 classes a week to choose from in the comfort of your own home.

Simply log in, complete the class and your done for the day. Classes are still LIVE and Interactive, along with being a heap of fun and Time efficiant


Our On-demand membership gives you Unlimited access to our catalogue of workout videos so you can work out anywhere and anytime.

We have over 300 Workouts and we add new ones each month.

You are still a part of our fantastic fitness community and still get access to me as a PT 

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