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GroovX Fitness

GroovX Fitness classes are a range of classes for all tastes. Class times are TBC . 


GroovX Sculpt is a full-body workout using light weights to create resistance while performing movements to help strengthen and tone.


GroovX Gold is designed for the active older adult or anyone who would like a gentler pace workout. Using low-intensity moves, GroovX gold will get you moving and grooving!


GroovX Stix is the ultimate way to hit and smash your way to a better you. Using drumsticks to bash out rhythms and beats with explosive dance moves


GroovX Box combines boxing moves with dance to give you a dynamic and effective workout that is enjoyable and fun. Release your tension and take your stress away with punching, kicking and moving all to a steady beat.


GroovX Flow is a slow, movement-based workout that incorporates contemporary functional movements focusing on mobility, strength and balance. Set to relaxing music, this low-intensity workout will get you in the flow!


GroovX Blast is a HIIT style workout aimed at all levels as separate low-intensity and high-intensity workouts are provided.

Class Details coming soon


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