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Eat Smart - The Diet guide


Each week we bring to you 7 tasty, easy recipes for just £2 per month / 50p per week.

New recipes published every Sunday.

All recipes are the following -

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner time meals

  • Less than £2 per serving

  • Under 500 calories per serving

  • Using easy to buy ingredients from all supermarkets

  • Can be batch made for lunch time

  • Seasonal 

  • Using in season produce

  • Low cooking and prep time so you can live your life not in your kitchen

How it works:

  1. Purchase this subscription and follow the payment steps.

  2. Once purchased click login to your account.

  3. Once logged in, click on The Weight Loss Kitchen in the navigation section.

  4. You will now be able to see the recipes in full.

  5. You will be charged £2 every 30 days but recipes will be scheduled every 7 days.

  6. The subscription will re-occur until you cancel it via your account

  7. Please note, if you're not logged in you will not be able to see any recipes.

  8. You can cancel this subscription free of charge at any time. 

How many calories do I need to eat daily

Every person is individual, however when trying to manage your weight using  TDEE  calculator allows us to know how many calories we need each day.

What is Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE)?

TDEE is, without exaggeration, the most useful tool you’ll come across for weight management, weight loss and muscle building. It stands for Total Daily Energy Expenditure, and it’s the amount of calories that you need per day in order to maintain your current bodyweight once exercise and lifestyle have been factored in.

Why Does TDEE Matter?

By calculating your TDEE, you know exactly how many calories it takes per day to maintain your bodyweight. Since maintaining a healthy bodyweight is linked with improved health across a range of markers, TDEE can be a useful tool for looking after your health. Knowing your TDEE also means that you can easily calculate how many calories you need to eat in order to lose weight or gain weight. Typically…

  • For weight loss: Calories per day = TDEE minus 500.

  • For weight gain: Calories per day = TDEE plus 500.

So if your goal is to lose weight, gain weight, or even maintain your current weight, TDEE is a fantastic tool for you to use


TDEE Calculator UK - Total Daily Energy Expenditure - Coach.

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