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Jungle Body Konga

Dance, Box, Tone and lose yourself in the music

Class Details


KONGA! is a 45 minute easy to follow mood elevating, high intensity fusion of boxing, cardio, dance and sculpting set to the hottest beats.It is an all in one workout that will torch calories, tone up the bod, make your soul smile and inject your body with an endorphin overload.


You will have so much fun sweating it out you might forget you are burning up to 600 calories.


KONGA! is designed to be super inclusive for all shapes, ages, sizes and of course those who have two left feet.


What is involved?Dance, Boxing, Cardio and Sculpting.


Complexity and intensity?Low complexity, High intensity,


Suitable for all ages & fitness levels.


Music choice?Afro, Hip Hop, Electronic, Old school.


Calorie burn?600-700 MAX.​​


CLASSES ARE HELD; Wednesday 715pm Durrington Club​


Your first class is Always Half Price


Please use Booking code NM50 to get discount. To Book this class click here

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