Bootcamp Fitness

Outdoor Bootcamp

This is our signature session. Groups will work with the instructor, completing structured, progressive and fun fitness stations.

Sessions will involve a mix of bodyweight, equipment based and running exercises.

Bootcamp Fitness is snappy, with lots of banter, leaving you little time to think about how long you’ve been going for. Before you know it you’ll be cooling down, feeling tired but inspired and looking forward to the next session.

Bootcamp Battle Circuits

Outdoor Bootcamp

This circuit training fitness class with a wide range of exercises and mix of kit and equipment. You’ll achieve a full body workout and feel pumped for the day.

The class is great if you want to work on full-body .

Bootcamp Strong

Outdoor Bootcamp

BFit Strong is a challenging and rigorous workout that will improve your physical fitness, body composition and mental well-being. Proven time and again to deliver considerable results if programmed correctly, our strength programme will accelerate your results and improve your performance in all aspects of life.


Bootcamp HiiT

Outdoor Bootcamp

Our  HIIT class involves short bursts of intense exercise alternated with low-intensity recovery periods. Here at B-Fit we deliver HIIT in our own unique style by utilising bodyweight and equipment based HIIT workouts. This will accelerate your overall fitness levels and performance.

Bootcamp Fight

Outdoor Fitness

Our  Fight class uses Boxing and combat to really get a a great workout.

Fight classes vary in format but always guarantee you will leave feeling fierce and strong

Bootcamp Lite

Outdoor fitness

 LITE offers low intensity training for beginners which will help you lose weight and improve your health.

In addition, this low intensity training for beginners will help you feel better about yourself. You take the first step and we’ll help you reach your goals.

Run Ready

This is our running-focused workout. Each class varies; it might be a steady-state run one week, a fartlek or interval session the next. One thing is for sure, these sessions are inclusive, progressive and will deliver results for all abilities.

Our outdoor bootcamp is held at the following times and locations

Bulford Village Hall recreation ground

Monday 645pm-745pm  Bulford recreation ground

Friday6pm -645pm Bulford recreation ground

Tidworth Esso Fields

Tuesday and Thursday 645pm-745pm

Wednesday 930am-1015am

Please park in the British Legion Tidworth